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Our Commitment to quality

The commitment of the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui- UMC to quality of care dates back to its inauguration in 1927, well before this concept was formally defined and recognized in the 1970s.

Throughout the years, HLG-UMC played a pioneering role in the Lebanese healthcare scene, and its commitment is reflected through our constant strive for excellence and humanism in clinical care. These values have long been perceived by our patients as key aspects of our services; earning their  loyalty,  which we proudly value.

During the last fifteen years, these efforts were recognized by four consecutive successful accreditation visits from the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), seven ISO 9001 certifications from TÜV Rheinland, and a Class A categorization since 2014 in the MOPH Performance Contracting Scoring System.

Having consolidated these achievements, our ambition is to pursue this commitment further. We seek to achieve well established international standards of care in our everyday practices, and ensure their continuous improvement. 


Our current quality assurance and quality control systems are based on the following pillars:

  • Regular internal audits for all departments to measure and ensure conformity to the Lebanese Accreditation and ISO 9001 standards.
  • Annual external audits based on the ISO 9001 standards done by certified external auditors
  • Continuous measurement of our patients satisfaction rate, during and after their stay, and an effective management of their complaints and suggestions
  • Annual meetings with a Patients Committee, for their feedback and suggestions regarding the continuous improvement of our services
  • Regular revisions and updates of our clinical protocols and procedures, to be in line with the latest international recommendations and for the standardization of our practices
  • Continuous monitoring of a large number of key performance and quality of care indicators, covering all hospital activities and processes
  • Continuous Education Program for all staff categories, based upon regular competency evaluation
  • Multidisciplinary Morbidity & Mortality Reviews, according to a well defined methodology, in order to analyze associated factors and identify key improvement actions
  • Active Infection Control Program with the goal of maximum reduction of healthcare associated infections
  • Patient Safety Improvement Program aiming to reinforce the patient safety culture and practices, and to detect and analyze all adverse events related to patient care
  • Biannual Management Reviews, where all departments and services are evaluated for their performance on all dimensions of quality, and where their improvement actions are reviewed and updated
  • Professional Practices Evaluation Program, which aims to identify and evaluate our clinical practices and help structure improvement plans


Check out our Quality & Patient Safety Newsletter : Progress Note


Progress Note is a quarterly Quality & Patient Safety publication which aims to communicate about the hospital projects, programs and events pertaining to the subjects of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety in the Lebanese Hospital Geitaoui-UMC.

It also includes educational sections relative to these subjects, as well as common health topics and interests,  updates in medical practice in the hospital,  a healthy recipe, and more.


The latest issues of the newsletter can be downloaded here: